Dear Adoption

Who are you? What are you?

Why am I here? Why are you here?

What is going on? What is this place?

You are in a better place.

How do you know?

These people love you. They want to see you grow!

But who am I? Where did I come from?

Your Birth Mother isn’t around, she’s going through a tough time. Your Birth Father, he's been found but keep him forever in your mind.

I don't know what I am doing or where I am going?

These new people love me? Is my happiness showing?

She said it was something in my eyes, for the reason they chose me.

She couldn’t have children and God put together this family.

I am still confused, what do I do?

Why wasn't I loved enough to be kept?

As a baby, why was I never tucked in as I slept.

Your new parents will tuck you in now! Everything is ok.

How do you know? Make the pain go away?

Do I have any siblings?

As you grow, you'll come to find out that you have about 9 or so brothers and about just as many sisters.

Your new parents do love you, so don't be scared.

It may take me a while to trust but I will go with them.

Are you hungry?

Yes I am?

What would you like?

Hamburgers and hit dogs please!

Is that all you will eat?

I don’t know, well see.

That was a long ride…are we there yet?

She's so quiet, do you think she likes us or understands?

Adoption is love and we love you very much.

This is your forever home, we are your parents.

We will always care for you and protect you because you are our daughter.

I am your daughter, so I can call you Mommy and Daddy?

I have a Mommy and Daddy, Adoption, did you hear that?

Yes, you now have a Mother and Father, and you life has changed for the better. In each and every way.

Are you still scared?

A little?

Are you nervous?

A little?

Well settle in, your adoption is real.

As of September 4, 1996, I grant you this family who will take care of you when you're sick, cold and scared.

Who will love you and talk to you when you think no one is there.

Adoption has been able to connect families all over the world. Embrace your new life.

At times it will be difficult.

Adoption, where are you going?

I'll always be here but your life is not defined by me.

Your parents will guide you through this life.

You’ve come a long way and my look how you've grown.

Adoption where is my birth mother? Why hasn’t she shown?

I have a hole I can't fill and Im almost grown.

Never mind I'm ok, I'll meet her one day, or not.

Adoption, are you there?

Mom, Dad, I love you and I know that you care.

Happy Adoption Anniversary, I am thankful I have you here.

My question, why, still goes unanswered. I won't let it overcome me.

I have the best parents any young woman could for cant you see.

Adoption, there you are. I’m very doing well.

I knew all along you would find your way.

Adoption, I now understand why you went away.

I am forever loved and cared for just like you said I would be.

I'll do anything for my parents that comes unconditionally.

Adoption, you have been great! Thank you for making my life better.

Continue to help adoptees find a home, always and FOREVER!

Artreese Basnight