Adoptee Tag Q+A

Sometime last year, Youtube had a challenge going called the Adoptee Tag. This challenge was created by Youtuber, @thehereandnao. Her video link is down below.

The purpose of this tag is to have Adoptees answer about 18 questions related to their personal adoption experience. Here are my 18 questions below. If you are an adoptee and you are reading my Q+A, I hope you find the inspiration to take on the Adoptee Tag challenge. Be in inspiration to others. The best story is your own!

1.Where are you adopted from?

Middletown, CT

2. Where do you live now?

North Carolina

2. How old were you when you were adopted?

5 yrs. old

3. When did you find out you were adopted?

As soon as I was able to understand

4. Do you tell people that you're adopted?

Should the topic come up, I share that I am adopted

5. Do you like to know about your heritage?


6. Have you been back to your birth place?

No, however, I later moved to New London, CT after I was adopted. New London is about 40 minutes away from Middletown, CT.

7. Do you speak your birth language?

From what I know, my birth language is English

8. How was it growing up adopted?

Growing up adopted had it’s challenges. My adopted parents did a wonderful job raising me.

9. Have you done a birth parent search / found your birth parents?

I know my birth mother has always lived in CT and currently resides in New London, CT. My biological father passed away.

10. How would you define your identity now as an adoptee?

Now that I am an adult adoptee, I would define myself as an adoption advocate and a voice of many. I wouldn’t say adoption defines me. I just use my experience to help others with a similar story to tell.

11. Do you know many other adoptees?

I do not know many other adoptees. I have met a few via Instagram and Facebook.

12. What's something people may not know about what it's like to be adopted?

Adoption is trauma. It’s not a gift as many people think. I am happy to have my adopted parents, who took me in and love me unconditionally. God definitely brought us together for a reason.

13. Do you think being adopted has affected your relationships / trust ?

Although I smile and laugh a lot, it takes me a long time to let people in. I don’t trust easy.

14. Do you have any siblings? Are they adopted?

I have about 17 siblings total including my adopted siblings

4 from my adopted family

5 from my biological family on my birth mothers side

Once brother from this side of the family is adopted.

8 from my biological family on my birth fathers side

15. What is your relationship like with your AP?

Great! As a child and teen, I had trouble because I had no way to express my feelings of wanting to know my biological family. My questions would seem to hurt them. No one I knew around me was adopted so no one really understood all the emotions I had built up inside of me. Now that I am older, I still have some difficulty talking about my adoption but my relationship with my adopted parents is a lot better.

16. What would you say to your birth parents if you could ?

It hurts me that I will never get to meet my biological father. I would give anything to have just one conversation with him. I would ask my mother why she made the decision to give me away.

17. Would you adopt a kid yourself?

Yes I would adopt a child myself.

18. Apart from being adopted how else do you identify?

I network to connect with other adoptees. I advocate for changes that need to be made with the US adoption system. Medical history needs to be shared so a child is aware and does not grow up not knowing their medical history. Birth Certificates should not be changed to show the adopted parents names. These are just a 2 changes I hope to see change in the adoption community.

The best story to tell is your own