No Mistakes

I may be the only adoptee that feels as though God made no mistake in my life when it comes to my Adoption story. I saw a quote the other day that read “God could not call someone to adopt when keeping a child with their birth parent is the life that God really chose!” Family preservation will always be the ideal situation however, in some cases, that may not be the best end result. I stand strong as an adoptee who believes adoption can be a better alternative compared to an early life of neglect.

I stand with the parents who decide to adopt because they believe ‘God choose us to adopt.” I am not happy or jumping at the joy of being adopted because my life was altered without my say so regardless of how old I was. I don’t agree with the fact that my birth certificate was changed and I can’t get it changed back. To be adopted is almost like acting as if your first family never existed. Now that I am 30, I have a better grasp on my emotions as an adoptee.

My adoptive parents provided unconditional love and I love them with every inch of my heart. While adoption has brought much pain, hurt, and emptiness, it has also brought love, meaningfulness, and joy. I still struggle with identity and my emotions but my past is what makes me stronger and who I am today. At times I had a hard time understanding why so many bad things happen to me at such an early age and why I had no control over my life. My pain runs deep from what I’ve been through but God has always kept me. Not because the adoption itself but because God did not make a mistake with my life.

I will praise thee; for I am fearfullly and wonderfully made.
— Psalm 139:14