Motivational Visuals Pt. 1

Have you ever been afraid to try something new?  Maybe you’ve wanted to take on a new profession, travel the world, invest, or move to a new state/country. Has the fear of the unknown stopped you from taking that step?  Up until a month ago I would have answered yes to each question.  

Today, I watched three motivational videos that have given me encouragement.  Some people prefer to receive motivation through exercise or listening to music.  I, however, have chosen to watch motivational videos in addition to sharing my story, and reading motivational quotes.

I enjoy spreading motivational inspiration to everyone I encounter. I’m often asked how or why I am so bubbly every day or what motivates me. I’ll share 3 tips that have helped me in the hope they help you too:

  1. Look at each new day as a blessing

  2. Start and finish the day positively

  3. You can’t successfully prosper with a negative state of mind

Additionally, although you’ve watched these motivational videos, that alone will not be enough for your life to instantly improve. Progress comes from taking action. Yes, the video’s will give you inspiration but you have to translate that inspiration into habits and implementation.

Please share your favorite motivational quote or video, in the comments below.


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