10 Reasons to Say NO and Feel Good About It!

Have you ever felt bad about telling someone no?  Ever felt pressured to say yes to a request because the requester was a close friend or family member? How about feeling guilty because you decided to take personal time for yourself instead of going to an event with a friend?  Have you ever put the need of others before your own? Well enough is enough! Continue reading for my list of reasons why you should say no and feel good about it! They are not in any particular order because you can't place an order on your own happiness. Throughout each day, always find time to do something for yourself.  Keep yourself priority in your life.  

  • No means no

  • How you feel is important

  • You don't owe anyone anything

  • People don't need you, they want you

  • You need to protect your physical and emotional health

  • Self value is important

  • The best balance of any relationship is to give and receive

  • You are not a people-pleaser

  • It's important that you meet your own expectations

  • If the people around you don't like you....oh well

It’s never too late or too early to work towards being the healthiest you
— Anonymous