Meet Your OWN Needs

Ladies, when was the last time you did something for yourself?  When was the last time you met your own needs?


Sometime's I find other people trying take up my space, time, energy, and happiness.  Without even realizing it, we will let those individuals do just that.  Ladies, be selfish with your space, time, energy and happiness.  We are in charge of our own well being.  Recently, I found myself at an event and was having a good time until I felt the energy of the place.  Suddenly, I no longer wanted to be there.  The group of people I was with were enjoying themselves and didn't want me to leave, therefore, I stayed.  The atmosphere was good and the event was chill but the vibe, to me, was off.  For that moment I forced myself to conform to what was going on around me.  Won't do that again!I made a vow to myself that I will make it a priority to meet my own needs. 

Just this past week I decided to travel 2 hours away just to visit, Bianca.   That trip was much needed.  Work has been increasingly stressful and I needed to get away.  Every single time Bianca and I get together something always pops off.

For starters, Bianca and I had a terrible dinner experience at Kick Back Jacks on Friday night. Their buffalo sauce tasted like their recipe included garlic and the seasoning on my steak was horrible. To sum it up, the food was terrible.  Fun fact: I LOVE steak, however, I was unable to finish my steak.  The next day, Saturday, we attended a SHAW University and Hampton University HBCU Alumni Tailgate (never made it in to the football game).  I met a young woman who designs and sells merchandise online,  Later that night we attended a kick-back and I got hit on by a guy using nasty pick-up lines.  On Sunday, my body cussed me out for eating that steak and I had to christen Bianca's porcelain throne.  The funny but not funny part was that Bianca had to go to work that morning and left work early because of stomach problems.  

This past weekend was all about meeting my own needs.  I'm learning to be selfish with my time.  Everyone else can wait!

Artreese Basnight