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Hello everyone! May my journey through adoption give adoptees and families the resources and information to feel empowered in their own lives. What you have been through is no longer where you are headed!



Provide knowledge to families looking to adopt or foster a child who may be seeking information on the topic of adoption and foster care. Ensure an adoptees voice gets heard by providing a platform. Based on my own experiences, share a different narrative that can be understood better than what is currently existing and being practiced鈥.


Foster Care and Adoption Advocate, Artreese Basnignt, is a product of foster care and adoption. She has embraced her life's mission of helping others overcome the challenging obstacles of foster care and adoption and restoring their lives from trauma.

鈥淚鈥檝e been able to use my platform to help encourage other adoptees and establish a supportive network. Adoptees, like myself, feel alone and no one else understands our trauma and struggle with identity and acceptance. Also, I have been able to assist parents hoping to one day adopt by providing advice from an adoptees perspective.鈥 - A. Basnight


Moving forward

Finding my path away from emotional trauma and identity problems, to reunion, joy and happiness.




I always remember my adoption day like it was yesterday!




A birth mother who claimed there was no connection, no bond. Later, she terminated parental rights and I was placed in foster care.

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