Finding Your Voice

Let's talk about the importance of finding your own voice.  First, you have to allow yourself to get out of your comfort zone.  How do you grow if you don't challenge yourself to do something different?


Most people consistently stick to the same things and run off a routine. This way of thinking will get some people where they need to be, but if you're like me, this doesn't work.  Where's the fun in that? Seriously, living safe will hold you back from most experiences in life.  Think about it, most memories are made from life's random moments.   I finally decided to no longer care what others thought of me or the decision I made. 

The need for family or friends accepting your action changes as you grow older.  For me, it was a matter of making sure with every decision I made was right for me.  The need for understanding who I was and my purpose is more important than justifying my actions to fit some else's opinion.  If I wear this shirt will they like it or if I don't go to the club will they stop hanging out with me?  Again, none of that matters when you start living for yourself.  Once I understood my purpose, I began to break free from everything holding me back.  Naturally, I'm a free spirit so in the same sense I'm daring.  I finally pushed past my fear of doubt, rejection, and most importantly, insecurities.  


The second step to finding your voice is understanding growth.  As humans it's in our DNA to naturally evolve and change.  No matter how hard we try to stay the same we really do change.  To stay stagnant means you are not evolving.  I don't know about you but I would like to continue to grow and become even greater.  By doing so, you can unknowingly influence others.  Once I made the decision to no longer stand still my voice became stronger.

My third and final step is understanding your voice and making your voice heard.  People don't have to like what you say but they will respect it.  So here we are....Be encouraged to find YOUR voice and inspire others to find theirs. 

Artreese Basnight