Classic Treese - The Bucket (My First Cruise)

In October of last year, I was able to take my first cruise to the Bahamas with a couple of girl friends.  Bianca was there (read the importance of a Girl Circle to learn who Bianca is).  During dinner I had to use the bathroom.  Now, when it is your first cruise you think a friend would accompany you to the bathroom.  Nope, they won't because that was not the case that night.  


My 'friends' let me go alone and everything went down from there.  I make my way to the bathroom and I open the door to what looks like a closet.  In this 'closet' I see a paper towel dispenser and a bucket, no lie.  Unfortunately I had to go to the bathroom very bad so I did the unthinkable. 

As I fix myself to leave the 'closet' a woman almost walks in on me.  I bet she thought I was dumb as he--.  


Embarrassed as I was I proceed to go back to the dinner table.  I tell my girls the most dramatic traumatic bathroom story they've ever heard.  These ho--s bust out laughing like I told a Kevin Hart joke.  Yall, my feelings were never hurt so bad.  Biance was the worst out of everyone. I got upset and told all of them to follow me and I would show them better then I could tell them.  We all walk into the 'closet' and I immediately defend my actions.  "I told yall", I yelled. 

I cant remember who discovered the door that lead to the stalls, but yall there were actual stalls.  I was pissed.  I was more embarrassed the second time around.  I had never felt this embarrassed in all my life.  My pride just shot to pieces.  We all walk into the next room, which had about six stalls and four sinks.  Everyone is hackling because it's just soooooo funny.  Talk about making memories to last a lifetime and that was just the first night.  My first cruise experience is definitely one to remember.  To this day my girls ain't sh-- but you gotta love, Classic Treese!