Sow Good Seeds

Daily, I try my best to help those around me without expecting anything in return (sowing good seeds).  Sowing good seeds is a great metaphor for everyday life.  As you walk through life your own behavior can influence whether you sow a good seed or a bad one. 

For example, sowing a good seed may involve you noticing a friend is down and having a bad day, so you go out of your way to share a motivational story to help lift their spirits.  Once the story has finished you’ve noticed your friend’s attitude has improved by about 20 percent.  You have in fact sowed a good seed.  Sometimes a person can sow a bad seed without realizing it. 


An example of this is, you’re in the office one day and Jim, your colleague, comes to you asking if you’ve heard about Maria because earlier that morning Maria totally bombed her presentation. Maria usually boasts her big ideas throughout the office because supervisors tend to use her ideas. Knowing this you’re instantly intrigued and ask Jim to share the story with you.  While in the break room eating your lunch, you see Maria and without hesitation you start talking about her failed presentation.  What you don’t know is, Maria has already had this conversation with 3 other colleagues before you.  In an instant, Maria bursts into tears.  You’ve successfully sowed a bad seed.  Maria’s view of you from now on will be negative.  Almost 80 percent of the time, gossip can be more destructive than good.  Which is why I do my best to stay away from gossip and instead uplift everyone I encounter. 

A few days ago, I received a small blessing from a stranger.  Like most people when you travel out of town by car, you make sure your vehicle in properly serviced.  I decided to get an oil change on my lunch break.  When I asked the mechanic how long it would be until they would get to my car, the mechanic informed it would be sometime this afternoon.  I handed the mechanic my key, sat down in the lobby, and called an Uber.  After I confirmed my uber, I realized I did not stop to get lunch before coming to the shop.  No problem, I told myself, I’ll just have the Uber driver bring me to McDonalds. 


Sam, the Uber driver, arrives and I immediately tell him to swing me by McDonalds, so I could grab a bite to eat before I head back to the office.  Sam tells me it wouldn’t be a problem to make an extra stop.  Ok, cool.  On the way to McDonalds, Sam tells me damn near his life story.  Basically, he was getting over a heartbreak.  He was married for 19 years and was newly divorced after discovering his wife had been cheating on him.  We arrive to McDonalds; however, the line was extremely long which allowed Sam to get a lot off his chest. Sometimes all people want is a listening ear. I just wanted a burger, so I listened, smiled, and gave minimal conversation in return.  He talked about how he’s trying to move on, what he did in his spare time, his kids, and how he was looking for new “friends” …ok.  Finally, we pull up to the speaker and I order a Big Mac and a Oreo McFlurry.  At the end of my order, Sam adds two McChicken sandwiches.  I tell Sam that I wasn’t paying for his order.  Sam tells m he was paying for lunch.  I asked him if he was sure, and he confirmed he was.  After receiving the food, I tell Sam thank you, then I am dropped off to work.  There was my blessing…free lunch!  You never know when the good seed you have sown will come back to bless you.  Our lives are the result of the type of seeds we plant. 

What types of seeds are you sowing?