A DAY I WILL NEVER FORGET - At the age of 5, I was adopted by my two loving parents. I am forever thankful for the gift of adoption because for me it was a second chance at life…

While on my journey…I am on a mission to inspire, mentor, motive, and encourage foster care children and guardians, adopted children, and adoptive parents by discussing how love, structure, consistency and confidence is constantly needed. Unfortunately, foster children have multiple bad experiences before finding their forever homes. By connecting with these individuals I can provide emotional support, assistance, and understanding of how important foster care is and of course the end result which is adoption. The effects of foster care and adoption never no away. I am working to help prevent children, young adults, and adults from going to dark places of neglect, resentment, hatred or even suicide.

Below you will find shared experiences and quotes from individuals who have been placed in the system and additional reference sites I’ve share for emotional support. If you would have a link you would like me to share, please leave a comment or send me an email at artreesebasnight@gmail.com.

Are you making the decision to adopt? Are you or do you know of someone who is struggling as an adoptee? Let’s connect!

Shared Experiences and Quotes from other Adoptees:

“I really think it’s a big help for children who need love and care from parents who are willing to embrace children as their own.”

— D.G.M.

“Adoption is truly a love fruit!”

— N.L.